Testimonial #1

At age 58, after spending most of my adult life overweight and out of shape and not happy about it, I decided it was time to do something about it . I wanted to be able to play and care for three of my growing grandchildren and not just sit and watch them.
I found Jon and Addicted to Fitness through my daughter when I realized that to gain more strength I would need some supervised help . Since I had never stepped foot in a gym before, I was a little nervous. Jon seemed confident that he could help this aging, uncoordinated, unfit person that I had become, so I jumped right in. It didn’t take long to realize that with a lot of sweat and hard work, I was seeing results. Fat was becoming muscle and I was looking better by the week.
Jon makes sure my workouts are never boring and always challenges me to a depth I could never achieve on my own.
He advised me on nutrition and what to do away from the gym. Four years later, I am a fit Grammie that can carry her sleeping 6 year old Grandson to bed and has never felt better physically or emotionally in her life.

Nancy Camposano

Testimonial #2

Look! Jon said. Working on the pulleys, I turned my head to see my image in the mirror, and there they were: MUSCLES!
Like most women, I never had much upper body strength, but when I began to get flabby arms, I knew something had to be done. Now I actually enjoy my upper body workouts with Jon, and am proud to wear sleeveless tops.
I have muscles!

Nancy S., Naples

Testimonial #3

I have been a client of Addicted to Fitness for seven years as of the last week of October, 2009. Jon Bates, the owner, is my personal coach but he is much more than that; Jon is a friend, confidant and supporter of me and every person who is lucky enough to become a client of his company’s. He learns about each one of his clients’ businesses and refers us to one another so that we receive good service and pricing. The networking is time consuming but Jon is tireless and always goes above and beyond the call of duty with a smile. He also welcomes us into his life on a personal basis and he and his wife’s generosity know no bounds.
I wish to share a specific story about Jon. It has been my practice (and other clients I am sure) to use Jon as a sounding board for familial complaints. At the beginning of one morning workout I was complaining to Jon about my husband Bill’s eating habits in my absence (he was retired / I work) and the fact that he had given himself a horrible case of indigestion. Jon did not humor me. Instead, his training and knowledge caused him to inquire further as to Bill’s symptoms. Within seconds, Jon was telling me he didn’t wish to frighten me but he thought Bill may be having a heart attack and insisted we discontinue our workout and that I return home to take Bill to the hospital. I have trust in Jon and did as I was told. Jon was right; Bill was having a heart attack and it is my firm belief that Jon saved my husband’s life that day.

Hiede Shanahan

Testimonial #4

August 28, 2008
Fellow folks who want to feel better physically and emotionally:
Jon Bates, President and CEO of Addicted To Fitness, Inc. has been my personal trainer for about 15 months now. When I first got involved, it was my hope that the investment I was making would force me out of the rocking chair and into a more active life style. Needless to say the experience has far exceeded my expectations. I had no idea how sedentary I had really become and how complacent I was around the general feeling of physical discomfort and malaise that I was consumed with.
Jon and his training have reshaped my body, my attitude and my prospects. I rarely get to complain much anymore and truly enjoy the frequent complements offered by my associates.
I’d like to slide back but his encouragement, coaching, commitment, humor, training and caring I do not know it that would ever be possible. I know I would be disappointed and that he would be too.
For me this investment in my health care has been the single smartest investment I have made!
Yours for a healthier you,

B.J. Hogan, 65 and loving every minute of it

Testimonial #5

June 21, 2010
Although I had easily completed a glowing testimonial for Jon and his company Addicted to Fitness some time ago, I feel compelled to write again because of an incident last Saturday night.
I am 66 years old and have worked with Jon for some time now. He always advocates balance coupled with strength and I must admit I often rebel.
Saturday his wisdom proved almost an omen. I took a very serious stumble; nothing under my feet to stop me, a staircase in front of me and hard objects all around me. Needless to say, I was able to regain my balance and although the lack of footing came as a complete shock and jerk twisting my entire body the lasting discomfort is minimal.
As a person who often seeks and enjoys a certain amount of sympathy from my peers I will admit some disappointment that the physical manifestations are soooooo minimal.
I know, that had I not had the strength and balance that Jon has insisted be a part of our relationship and his training that the outcome would have been far more disturbing for me and those around me at the time

B. J. Hogan

Testimonial #6

January 4, 2013
Ten years ago, as Ann and I were approaching our 80th birthdays, our daughter Linda, who was visiting from Miami, insisted we start going to the gym on a regular basis. She took us down to Powerhouse Gym where we first met you.
She saw to it that we signed up with Kevin, one of your trainers, to have one-hour sessions twice a week. When Kevin moved on, we shifted to having you as our trainer. The results were remarkable. We felt better and had more energy.
When you moved to Planet Fitness, we went with you. When you discussed starting your own gym, we encouraged you to do so. One year ago you opened Addicted to Fitness and we were right there too.

Now, as we approach our 90th birthdays, we firmly believe that we may not have been here to celebrate them without the consistent one-hour twice a week sessions. Not only have they kept us feeling younger, but have also served to keep all our key muscles regularly and properly exercised and fit. We always leave our sessions feeling better than when we arrived.
Ann and I strongly urge all seniors to embark on and maintain a regular fitness routine and your gym is certainly a great place to do that. Not only is it a clean and most pleasant environment, plus has the aspects of being with friends, has new and well-maintained equipment and a competent and reliable training staff.

Fitness can truly be fun!

Ann and Dick Niess

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