Balance And Aging- Why Is My Balance Getting Worse?

Does it seem like your balance is getting worse as you age? Why is this? Many seniors think that poor balance is just another side effect of aging. But if this is true, then how do you explain the fact there are a lot of people in their seventies and eighties who still are quite active and have good balance?

If old age was really the cause of poor stability, then everyone over a certain age would have balance issues, and that’s simply not the case. I believe , instead, that deteriorating balance is the body’s natural response to a lifestyle that doesn’t “exercise” your sense of balance regularly.
Think about that for a moment.

You’ve probably heard the old cliche’, “use it or lose it” used in regards to healthy and fitness. The idea is that if you don’t use your muscles, they wither away and lose strength. Likewise, if you don’t exercise your heart, your endurance suffers. The body adapts to the demands placed on it.

It’s the same story with balance. If you daily life doesn’t use your sense of balance very much, that sense will get worse. By living a sedentary lifestyle, you are essentially telling your body and brain, “I don’t need good balance.” Your body will adapt accordingly.

Evaluate your daily activities, and think about how many of them are done in a seated position versus how many of them involve standing and moving. Next, ask yourself how you can introduce more movement into your daily life. And understand that your level of activity now is ultimately going to influence the quality of your balance in the future. Practically anything that is done standing or moving will exercise your balance. Sitting will not!!

Come get moving and more stable with us today!! We can show you how!! Your future self will thank you!!

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